Journal «University proceedings. Volga region. Humanities»
in terms of subscription cooperates both with central and alternative subscribing agencies.

Among the subscribers there are various libraries, educational institutions and scientific organizations of Volga and central regions of Russia.

Acquisition of printed issues of «University proceedings. Volga region. Humanities» is possible through several ways:

Subscription through “Пресса России” (Russian Press) agency
In catalogue «Газеты. Журналы.» (Newspapers. Journals.) section "Известия высших учебных заведений. Поволжский регион" (University proceedings. Volga region.). It is possible to enter the subscription at any branch of "Почта России" (Russian Post Service). Subscription index - 36967

Subscription through the journal’s editorial office
To enter the subscription through the editorial office it is required to submit an application to the editorial office: Legal entities are required to specify the name of the journal of interest, name of the organization, TIN/TRRC, postal address, name and position of the person in charge, phone number, e-mail. Individuals are required to specify the name of the journal of interest, name of the recipient, postal address, telephone number, e-mail. After receiving the application the editorial office issues an invoice. After the bill is paid the editorial office sends the journal.

Acquisition of separate issues through cash on delivery
For ordering the journal issue through cash on delivery it is required to send an application letter to the editorial office, specifying as follows: name of the journal of interest, name of the recipient and delivery address. The cost of one printed copy is 500 rubles.

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